Health through Yoga

There are 3 types of Yoga practitioners:

  1. Who practice for fitness or to maintain the Health, or to prevent the diseases.
  2. Who practice to cure the diseases.
  3. Who practice for Nirvana, Moksha, Samadhi, Kaiwalya, and other Holistic Goals.

Yoga teaches that your mind and body can’t be healthy unless you become healthy. Here you mean the one who is beyond mind and body, in other words the SOUL.

The Soul becomes ill when this identifies with the personality and its aggregates. With identification me and mine come, and subsequently the attitude to conserve them creates fear stress which cause dis-eases, discomforts, tensions and maladies.

So, the Yoga is to discover oneself as Soul, who/which though lives in a body, having mind but unattached to them. In reality, a person just imagine that I’m body or mind, but that’s not the truth. Realisation of this Truth is Yoga, thereby, one rejoices the Ultimate Health, which is free from diseases, and filled with Joy and Happiness.


Yogi Anand

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