न हि कम्मं विनस्सति Karma is never destroyed

Once Buddha said, “न हि कम्मं विनस्सति Karma is never destroyed”. He meant that Karma is never destroyed, it produces the effects unerringly, and a doer has to undergo the good or bad effects of Karma inevitably. He gave his own example of getting abused by a person named Chincha, a big piece of stone being thrown by Devadatta, Nalagiri elephant’s madness unto him, piercing of a stone in his sole, severe pain in his back, gastric trouble, etc. The reminiscent karma is also fructified in the last birth before final salvation i.e., Nirvana.

The Law of Karma is irresistible, immutable and inevitable, hence an Awakened One is very cautious in the mental, dialectical, behavioral and all other kinds of Karma.

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