The Success Mantra

Outer Success or Failure, Honor or Dishonor is the manifestation of Inner Success or Failure, Honor or Dishonor.

If one wins in inner world, he/she wins in outer world also, the same is with defeat, if one is defeated in inner world, he/she will be bound to defeat in outer world also.

One’s outer world is nothing but the Manifestation of one’s Inner world.

If you want to win in the outer world first aim to win in the Inner world.

What to be won?
Ignorance, Weakness, Doubting nature, Extra Skepticism, Extra Desires or Cravings, Over anger, Jealousy, Deceit, Conceit, egotism, etc.

The less above said elements will be there in inside, the more strength, success, abundance, harmony and happiness will be there in outer world.

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