The Better Life

Every one, even a most ordinary one, has immense Insight and Strength, Divine Wisdom and Power inside, but due to obliviousness of them, the life remains dull, gloomy, ineffective, weak, poor and lack of Energy, Enthusiasm & Bliss. By following, submissively and wisely, the guidance of a Right Guide, the source of Divine Insight and Power can be accessed and used for the Betterment of Life.

Happy Life

To remain happy is every human being’s birth right.  We can make our life fully energy, enthusiasm and happy by practicing certain principles in life. We should be very solid and uncompromising while practicing those principles. Here are some principles which we should observe and practice zealously:

  1. Healthy Diet Plan
  2. Physical Exercise (Yoga Practice would be the best)
  3. Deliberation, Contemplation and Meditation
  4. Working hard
  5. Forgiveness
  6. Friendliness
  7. Compassionate
  8. Sound sleep (for hard working people 8 hours sleeping is necessary)
  9. Waking up every morning with cheerfulness.

If you cultivate all above said natures/habits by constant efforts, develop them, bring them to full maturity, will make your life day by day Glorious, Divine and Happy.


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