In Love with God, True Bhakti (Devotion)

God is Great, Strange and very Mysterious, therefore, the Love for God is also Great, Strange and very Mysterious. Before loving God or any one, one must know God’s Characteristic. God’s character is nameless, formless, and all pervading. So, a God lover should love God keeping this Truth in mind. But ignorant lover of God, assumes God as a Personality, believe God lives at specific place, and loves unwisely. In the Love of God, there is no weeping, tears shedding, no restlessness, no tension, no stress, because God is Available every fraction of the second, always, all where, all time in the past, present and future, so there is no question of any emotional disorder. A True God lover is always Happy, always Content, Peaceful because he/she is always in Communion with God, always in God Consciousness.

In Love with God, True Prayer, True Meditation, True Wisdom, Wise Love

That is True Love, True Bhakti (Devotion) to God, True Prayer, True Meditation.

Wish you Very Very Colorful and Happy Holi!

Hari Om!

I speak of Hari as Stealer and Om as Dharma body, ultimate principal of reality, Divine Mind, Nirvana, Nothingness, Emptiness, Imagelessnes, Oneness, Solitudinousness and Buddhahood.

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