INNER VOICE, The Voice of Divine

This has been an innate nature of Every Enlightened One or Buddha, to hear INNER VOICE. In addition, this is the mystery of Greatness and being Successful and Happy in all aspects.

INNER VOICE is nothing but the Voice of God or Divine Mind. God never misguides and misleads anyone.  So first let an aspirant have the strong faith in INNER VOICE. But, sometimes, the evil desires also appears as INNER VOICE. So, it is crucial to inspect and verify the Voice whether that has come from Divine or Devil.

The question is how to distinguish between Divine Desire and Devil desire. The Desire which is beneficial for one and all, and doesn’t create any havoc in the society; creates, develops and strengthens harmony, peace and love around the world, is Divine Desire, vice versa.

So, before approving any desire, or the voice of desire a wise aspirant should inspect and scrutinize quickly and then pass that for execution. This is the way to make the life Healthy, Wealthy, Happy and Divine.


Ek Omkar!

I speak of Om as Dharma body, ultimate principal of reality, Divine Mind, Nirvana, Nothingness, Emptiness, Imagelessnes, Oneness, Solitudinousness and Buddhahood.

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