The word ‘religion‘ is made of a word ‘rely‘, which stands for ‘to work or act together toward a common end or purpose’.

Symbols of Religions

Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Sikkhism and other so-called popular paths are religions but not Religion.

The life itself is a True Religion. The life wants to work in harmony to the Universe, the Existence, but it is our ego, unfulfilled desires, thirsts, fears, feeling of insecurity, anxieties, doubts, tension (physical as well as mental), restlessness, wrong patterns of habits, ill will, feelings of revenge, to hit against ignorants, which don’t allow the life to work in the harmony to the Existence. The Life free from aforesaid foreign subtle matters, is True Religion. The life consists of body, mind, emotions, feelings, consciousness, awareness, relationships. If the aggregates of life depend on their nature, and we don’t want to grasp them or control them, then the life along with it’s aggregates lives pure and free. And the Pure and Free life itself is True Religion. The Religion can never be one, but as many as lives are there. Religions are innumerable as innumerable beings, but all are only ONE in highest reality, but in manifestation they seem to be many.

A part of Existence

Thus, I can refer to the Pure and Free Life as True Religion.

You can’t go beyond true religion, your life is religious. So long your life is there, there is religion living; your last breath is religious, the death of this body is religious, even the next life again, is a religion’s gift. Thus your every new status is also of religion, but True Religion, which is always wholesome, holy and pious.


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