The lover of Brahmacharya should go more deeper into the meaning and pointing of the word – Brahmacharya.

The word ‘Brahmacharya’ is made of two words – ‘Brahman’ (Transcendental Consciousness) and ‘charya’ (living), that does mean ‘living in Brahman (Transcendental Consciousness)’. Thus, ‘living in Transcendental Consciousness is ‘Brahmacharya’. Brahman in highest reality is Absolute Pure Being, beyond impurity, beyond even any trace/dot of impurity. That is beyond masculinity and femininity. That is beyond beyond all kinds of feelings, thoughts, perceptions and mental imaginations.

That is That Consciousness who/which is beyond even Consciousness, that is why called Transcendental Consciousness. In Brahmic Consciousness, there is no vestige of need, greed, lust, anger, fear, attachments, identity, ego, delusion and ignorance. That is Absolute Pure, so living in That Absolute Purity is only Absolute Brahmacharya. Preserving the seminal/fluid energy is the gross and beginning Brahmacharya, but that is essential to realize the Absolute Brahmacharya.


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